Conditions of sale

  • 1. The following conditions of sale always apply in the absence of other written agreements or conditions received from FurlerBoom Aps.

  • 2. OFFERS.
    Offers are good for 30 days from date of offer, and include delivery latest 4 month after date of order. Delivery dates delayed on the part of the buyer will result in billing according to day’s price. Our offers are given on the basis of known raw materials prices and wages. Unforeseeable changes in these or in rates of exchange will result in price adjustments.

    Our order confirmation is based on customers wishes, with reference to delivery times etc. In cases of misunderstanding or error, the customer is obliged to correct the error immediately upon receipt of order confirmation.

    Terms of delivery are ex. Works. Freighting and delivery will always be arranged and executed at customers risk and expense. We are only responsible for damages under transport in cases where freighting insurance has been arranged.

    50% with order, rest on delivery. Date of down payment becomes date of order. In cases of late payment, interest will be calculated at a rate of 2% per month started. FurlerBoom Aps reserve right of ownership of products sold until full payment has been received.

    Specially produced products will not be taken in return. Standard products will only be taken in return in cases of pre-arranged agreement and then with a processing fee of 10%, not less than 50, 00 DKK.

    Agreed times of delivery are approximate and will be met as well as possible. Exception in cases of force majeure, for ex. strike, lock out or natural disasters.

    The customer is expected to examine the goods immediately upon delivery. Complaints in cases of faulty goods will be accepted within 8 days from date of delivery. In cases of faulty goods, these may be sent return without charge to FurlerBoom Aps. FurlerBoom Aps reserves the right to rectify the fault(s) or credit the amount. In cases of rectification, the time taken shall not be understood as delay in delivery.

    The seller is liable for injury or damage to persons or things, caused by faults in delivered goods or services, where such faults can be proven. The seller’s liability in cases of damage is limited to 500.000 DKK. per delivery. At no time does the seller accept liability for loss of production, time, profit or other indirect loss.

  • 10. ILLUSTRATIONS in our catalogues and other printed brochures, advertisements etc. are not binding and we reserve the right to make changes without warning.

  • 11. CASES OF DISAGREEMENT will be handled by FurlerBoom Aps` legal solicitors and according to Danish law.