How to fit mast track #1

  • 1. Make a mark on the mast 300 mm from the middle of the gooseneck. This is the lower end of the track.

  • 2. Hold the lower track in this position on the mast together with the ramp (2x2 m black plastic) with the pre-drilled holes aligned. Make a mark on the mast at the upper end of the ramp.

  • 3. Hold the next (5 m.) track on the ramp with the pre-drilled holes aligned and mark each pre-drillet rivet hole on the mast from the upper end of the ramp and upwards. Also the upper end of the track (joint) must be market.
    Hold the next...

  • 4. Cut the upper track on length as close as possible to the mast head.

  • 5. Now slugs and mounting fittings are fastened at each mark.

  • 6. Mount the ramp.

  • 7. Press the groove track on the mounting fittings starting from the mast head. Note! The groove track must be 100% in "click" position before the rivet holes are drilled. Do not mount the lower track yet.

  • 8. Drill 1 Ø 4.9 mm rivet hole in each mounting fitting trough the pre-drilled hole in the groove track. (2 in each site at the joints)

  • 9. Slide the sail cloth wedge onto the groove (fitted with bolt rope or sliders to fit the actual groove)

  • 10. Slide the lower track over the sail cloth wedge and fasten with rivets and screws. The connection between mast and mast track at the lower end is fastened.

How to install mast track #2

  • 1. The tracks are made to finished length from Furlerboom.
    Start to place the groove tracks loosely on the mast to check if the distance from the feeder to the middle of the gooseneck is min. 300 mm.

  • 2. Mark the joinings between the fabric ramp, plastic ramp and support track.

  • 3. Now the upper end of the tracks is defined. (Any corrections of the track length, must be made at the upper end only and equally on support - and groove track).
    Fit the support track with M 6 screws starting from the upper end with the distance between defined be Furlerboom. (Distance between holes in track is 50 mm and will be used only on yachts with very high righting moment). Do not fit the ramp yet.

    On none groove masts (mostly carbon) drill Ø 5 and tap for M6 + Epoxy glue. On masts with a groove, slugs and screws with a drop of Lock-tite is used.

  • 4. Slide the groove tracks, except the two lower, on the support track. Fasten the groove track with the end cap into the threaded holes in the support track.

  • 5. Fit the ramp in the same way as the support track.

  • 6. Slide the next groove track on the plastic ramp. As this is slightly curved, friction is enlarged.
    So bending the mast forward or the groove track backwards will make the sliding easier.

  • 7. Slide the fabric ramp into the mast groove.
    Slide the lower groove track over the fabric ramp and into a tight fit to groove track 2 and drill Ø 5 holes through the M 6 threaded holes on both sides of the joining. Fit the M 6 index flush with the surface. If the holes in the plastic are not tapped, there is no need for lock-tite.

  • 8. Fit the Dyneema strap connection between mast and feeder.